Board Members

The ECWANDC has 15 board members: 9 are elected and 6 are appointed.

Stakeholders are welcome to join or start committees. Speak to any one of the Board Members below.
Or become a Board Member. Fill out the application and turn it in at a meeting or email it.

Elected Members

Carl Morgan, Chair

Denise Stansell, Co-Chair

Kjiel Carlson, Recording Secretary

Mr. Wilson, Area 1 Representative

Mary Jones-Darks, Area 1 Representative

Matthew Jewett, Area 2 Representative

Jackie Ryan, Area 2 Representative

Patrice Anderson, Area 3 Representative

Jamal Jones, Area 3 Representative

Appointed Members

Vacant, Corresponding Secretary

Edmond Warren, Treasurer

Kathy Guyton, At-Large Member

Johnnie Raines, III, At-Large Member

Misty Wilks, At-Large Member

Jason Lombard, At-Large Member


Reach out to or call (323) 325-1821 to arrange for an ECWA representative to attend your meeting, function or event!



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