Board Members

The ECWANDC has 15 board members: 9 are elected and 6 are appointed.


Stakeholders are welcome to join or start committees. If you are interested, please speak to any one of the Board Members listed below. If you would like to become a Board Member, please fill out an application and turn it in at a meeting or via email.


Elected Members

Carl Morgan, Chair

Denise Stansell, Co-Chair

Vacant, Recording Secretary

Mr. Wilson, Area 1 Representative

Mary Jones-Darks, Area 1 Representative

Matthew Jewett, Area 2 Representative

Jackie Ryan, Area 2 Representative

Patrice Anderson, Area 3 Representative

Jamal Jones, Area 3 Representative


Appointed Members

Edmond Warren, Treasurer

Kathy Guyton, Corresponding Secretary

Johnnie Raines, III, At-Large Member

Misty Wilks, At-Large Member

Jason Lombard, At-Large Member

Vacant, At-Large Member


Email us at or call (323) 325-1821 to arrange for an ECWA representative to attend your meeting, function or event!



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