membershipWhat is a neighborhood council?

Neighborhood councils are official advisory bodies whose operations are supported and funded by the City of Los Angeles. At its best, a neighborhood council can be an effective and authoritative voice for its entire community, helping to bring City Services to its stakeholders, setting priorities for neighborhood improvement projects, influencing land use policy and holding elected officials accountable.

We can inform, then instruct our Stakeholders how best to communicate to the City. By helping to connect our Areas to the City, in return, the City will be more connected to our Area.

Who is eligible to vote or run for a seat on the board?

Anyone who lives, works, or owns property within the Empowerment Congress West boundaries. MAP

You must be at least 16 years of age or a junior or senior in high school. Additional participatory qualifiers include participants in educational institutions, religious institutions, community organizations or other non-profit organizations, block clubs, neighborhood associations, homeowners associations, apartment associations, condominium associations, resident associations, school/parent groups, faith based groups and organizations, senior groups and organizations, youth groups and organizations, chambers of commerce, business improvement districts, arts associations and such. Your application will be reviewed for eligibility.

We encourage Youth participation. If a Board position is too demanding of one’s school or life schedule, we suggest Committee participation instead of Board membership, especially if higher education may prevent the applicant from fulfilling an entire term of office.

How do I register as an election candidate or appointed applicant?

Elections are held on even years for 2 year terms. The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment’s website, EmpowerLA, will host Election Candidate Forms and information. Chair, Co-Chair, and Recording Secretary are elected by all Areas. Area Representatives are only elected by their Areas. To be an Area Representative, you will have to prove eligibility for that Area based on the same criteria as above. There are 3 Areas, with 2 Representatives per Area. MAP

Appointed positions are filled on odd years for 2 year terms. There is a call for Applicants in the Spring. Board positions are filled at the June Administrative Meeting (currently the 3rd Monday of the Month). The Application is at the bottom of this page. There is a separate application for Treasurer. Scan and email your completed form with proof of Stakeholder status to, bring it to a Town Hall or Board Meeting.

At times, the Board may need to fill a vacant elected position prior to the end of term. A call will be made, applications will be reviewed, and the seat will be filled until the end of the position’s term. If that person desires to continue in the position, he/she will have to follow DONE’s election procedures.

What will be expected of me once I’ve been chosen to serve?

You will be required to pass Ethics Training, Code of Conduct Training, and Funding Training (20 minutes for Board Members. Treasurer training is more intensive) to be eligible for voting. There is a small grace period allowed in order to get all three items in. But the sooner you are trained, the sooner you are eligible to vote.

Committee Membership is encouraged. There are several topics to engage you. Active Committees make Board work more fulfilling. “Many hands lighten the load” is very much applicable. Outreach is the duty of every Board Member, whether that’s at a Community event, local Block Club or group meeting, or at a ECWANDC-funded event. Area Representatives are expected to be the experts of their areas and the best way to do that is to be where your Stakeholders are.

There are additional City-wide Neighborhood Council events and organizations to investigate, too, if you have the desire and the time.

How do I register to vote?

You may appear IN PERSON at the designated polling place to register to vote on the day of the election. You MUST bring valid credentials proving stakeholder status at the time you register and vote.

Can I vote by mail or online?

ECWANDC does not accommodate voting by mail. DONE will co-ordinate online voting for the 2016 elections. Check for more information as election day approaches.

What is a “valid credential” ?

All Stakeholders, even those who have registered for previous elections for ECWANDC, will need to provide proof of their stakeholder status in the form of a valid credential. Valid credentials will constitute one (1) of the following unless otherwise specified by these election procedures:

• CA Drivers License ( Current — for an address within the ECWANDC area)
• CA Residency Card (Current — for an address within the ECWANDC area)
• School ID Card (Current — for a school with in the ECWANDC boundaries)
• A business card (In combination with any of the following with a matching ECWANDC address- Business license, business check, or pay stub).
• A recent utility bill (Current within 90 days — for an address within the ECWANDC area)
• An imprinted check (Current — including an address within the ECWANDC area)
• Pay stub (Current within 90 days from a business within the ECWANDC area)
• Property tax bill (Most recent with an address within the ECWANDC area)

• Church/Religious Institution within the ECWANDC area: current contribution statement from Church/Religious institution in addition to picture ID
• Nonprofit Organization within the ECWANDC area: current receipt (dues, membership card with contact information) in addition to picture ID

APPLICATION (for download)        TREASURER (for download)



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